Tokens and others

Single reusable plastic tokens and disposable WAFFLE festival tokens available in sheet form. Round event tokens come in two sizes: small 23.3 mm and large 29 mm. The tokens may have a hole. It makes it possible to shackle the tokens into sets, hang a metal ring or hang them on a lanyard. Printed tokens can be used as a form of ticket (e.g. amusement parks), a form of payment, checkroom numbers, for dog tags, as tokens for lottery games, for catering, for serving food in a hotel, at picnics and events. We offer a token sorting tray. It facilitates the counting of tokens and ensures their order. It is perfect for large events with a larger number of tokens. Disposable festival tokens are a guarantee of fast service. It is an excellent cashless currency at large events.

In addition, interesting promotional products such as the event mug. This is an EVENT festival mug with logo, reusable, an excellent alternative to disposable utensils at mass events and events. It comes in two capacities: 400 ml and 500 ml. It is possible to make an individual, permanent imprint on the mug.

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