Project Description


Hanger for tokens is our original idea of using the tokens instead of the cash. This solution is getting more and more popular.


This unique method of collecting the tokens on the hanger allows you to create any catering sets. Similarly to the solution involved in the fast food restaurant chains – according to the rule „cheaper in a set” the price for the set is always more attractive for the customer and in result the sellers get higher turnover. The hanger together with the tokens is a very useful thing, that can be attached to the lanyard. The lanyard can be hanged around the neck, so there is no possibility to get the tokens lost. The client does not need to take a wallet. The described solution allows you to exchange the tokens for catering food also on the beach, for example after swimming. This gives you the freedom to fully enjoy your free time.


Maximal 10 tokens can be collected on the hanger.


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