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opaski vinyl z kuponami

Picnic wristbands with rip-off coupons are a great addition to your catering offerings for events and corporate events.

We offer vinyl wristbands with 5 coupons, wristbands with 7 coupons or wristbands with 10 coupons. The different option of the number of coupons on the wristbands allows customers to customize their order according to their needs and the number of guests at the party. With more coupons, they will have a wider selection of food, drinks and attractions. Cash tag coupons are an excellent form of payment that allows guests to use their wristband coupons to purchase beer, beverages, food and attractions available at the event. It’s a convenient solution that eliminates the need for cash or credit cards. To make it easier for guests to use the coupons, you can put pictograms or lettering on them to represent specific products or services for which they can be used. For example, use a picture of a beer mug for a beer coupon, a plate for a food coupon, etc. This will help guests easily identify what they can use their coupons for. Event wristbands with rip-off coupons can also be a great way to promote your catering service. You can add your logo or company name on the wristbands to increase brand awareness and provide guests with a memorable experience. Remember that when introducing such an offer, it is worth paying attention to the logistics and organization of the process of tearing off and using the coupons. Make sure you have enough coupons for the event and designate clear locations where guests can exchange coupons for products or services.