Festival wristbands with a changeable QR code

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TAG zmienny kod QRWe are pleased to introduce our latest product – sublimation wristbands with a white TAG slip-on printed with a changeable QR code!

 These modern fabric wristbands are a great option for event organisers, concerts and other events who want to provide their participants with not only an original souvenir, but also a practical and functional solution. The white TAG slip-on allows for the insertion of a variable QR code, which can contain various types of information – from fixed, such as a website address or geolocation, to variable, such as a numbering or other data. The variable QR code is laser-printed for durability and readability.

Our full colour printed sublimation wristbands are available with a variety of closures to suit individual customer needs and preferences. The wristbands come with a one time use selfgrip or aluminium closure with a disposable clasp and a reusable Multi Coral closure, making them easy to use and apply. The fabric wristbands are easy to wear and provide comfort throughout the day.

We guarantee that the sublimation wristbands with a white TAG slip with a variable QR code printed on them are not only a modern and original solution, but also a practical tool that will definitely be appreciated by the participants of each event.